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an adrenaline rush like no other


Looking for an extreme thrill? The mighty DTV (Dual Tracked Vehicle), also known as the Shredder, is the first true cross-over vehicle for power sports

Shredder Experiences has a large number of centres in the UK giving you the opportunity to try one of these awesome off road machines.

With 14 locations to choose from all over the UK anyone can experience the DTV Shredder

A combination of a tank, skateboard and motocross bike means you're in for the ride of a lifetime! After getting kitted up and with tuition from a skilled instructor, we teach you using the latest comms headsets so your instructor will be in be in communication with you at all times so you can get the most from your experience.

The controls of the DTV are surprisingly intuitive, with the ride not unlike a jet ski, so after some practice you be riding a shredder with ease. Open up the throttle and find out first-hand just what these little mean machines can do they are great fun for young and old - you might get hooked!

  • Great Venues
  • Small Group sizes
  • Full Headset Communication
  • Full Safety equipment
  • Brand New Shredders


Cruising over any surface leaning left to right on a skateboard deck to control the steering, this machine will give anybody who rides it a thrill; don't worry with instruction from our experienced team you will soon be riding the shredder.

The dual tracked vehicle (DTV) shredder is a very powerful brand new type of an off-road vehicle for outdoor sports. It is also called DTV Tank. It is a compact and very powerful having the capability of being ridden in any weather conditions a truly unique off road vehicle.

Your Shredder experience will see you kitted out in full body protection. Initially you will be shown the controls and how to operate the shredder. With helmet mounted communications you get live instruction on how to get to grips with the DTV Shredder.


We have 14 locations to choose from all over the UK. Simply purchase your experience voucher of the location you wish to visit!


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