Riders will not be allowed to ride a Shredder if:-

  • Their weight exceeds 114kg (18 stone).
  • They are under 16 years old.
  • They are pregnant
  • They are not wearing closed toe footwear
  • These restrictions are in place for health and safety reasons and are set by the manufacturer of the machines. Please bring photo identification along on the day and be prepared to be weighed before the experience takes place.

    Bookings / Cancellations

    I can no longer attend the event, how do I book an alternative date or location?

    • Have a look at our website and decide on your new event date and location
    • Contact us with your new event date preferably replying to your original booking confirmation email
    • A £10 per person administration charge will apply to move to another convenient date.

    What is your cancellation policy?
    Shredder Experiences will refund booked experiences & vouchers bought direct from Shredder Experiences within 7 days of purchase minus a £10 administration. After 7 days no refund will be available. Where gift vouchers have been bought from external providers and a booking has been made, no refunds will be given and voucher validity will be lost for any cancellations.
    Should you need to cancel or re-schedule a booking you have already made after 7 days of booking, a £10 re-booking fee per person will apply. Where cancellation cover has been purchased you may change the date of your event once free of charge, and we must be informed of this change before the start time of your event.
    For participants failing to turn up to an event you will not be able to reschedule bookings, no refunds will be given and voucher validity will be lost.

    Why do you need my mobile number?
    We use your number to contact you on the day of the event in case of bad weather.

    How do I get my experience time & event pack?

    When you submit a booking on our website you will get an order acknowledgement to inform you your booking has gone through okay.

    All our bookings are processed manually so that we can review your booking and respond to any questions that you may have. Following this our bookings team will send you a booking confirmation email with your exact experience time and your event pack attached.

    I can't find my event pack or information about my experience
    Most of the information regarding your experience is sent as a separate document attached to your booking confirmation email, alternatively these documents can be found in our useful documents section. This is sent to you after you submit your booking. Please allow 2 working days to receive this email.

    I didn't receive a booking confirmation
    Please check your email junk folder or any spam folders you may have. You will have received your booking confirmation within 2 working days of submitting your order.
    If you have submitted an order between 23rd December and the 4th January you will not receive your confirmation until we return from the Christmas period as all orders are processed manually.

    What is Cancellation Cover?
    Cancellation Cover protects customers against any charges that would occur should you need to change the date of your experience more than 7 days after booking.
    Where Cancellation Cover has been purchased and the customer needs to re-schedule the date of their experience due to e.g. bereavement, break down or illness, the customer will not be charged to re-schedule the date. The Cancellation Cover allows customers to re-schedule the date of their activity once and Shredder Events must be notified of this date change before the start time of the customer's event. The customer will have the option to re-purchase Cancellation Cover again at the time of re-scheduling.
    Where no Cancellation Cover has been purchased, if a customer needs to change the date of their experience after 7 days of booking a £10 re-booking fee per person will apply.
    Please note that Cancellation Cover does not allow customers to cancel their activity and receive a refund. All bookings have the option to cancel the event and receive a refund within 7 days of booking (minus a £10 administration charge), after 7 days of booking all experiences are non-refundable.

    I have a Gift Voucher but would like to pay for an additional person?
    That's perfectly fine!
    You have the option to add as many additional riders as you wish when booking online. You just need to enter the number of people that you wish to pay for on the booking form under "Buy Experiences" and these will be added on to your booking.
    Alternatively, you can call our Customer Care Team on 01709 538 509 who are happy to assist you in your booking and can also take payment for additional riders.

    Gift Voucher Questions

    Which code on my voucher do I enter?
    If you have one code please enter the full code, if you have multiple codes it will depend on which company you purchased the voucher from please see the instructions below.

    We need the following in the exact order set out below.
    Groupon code
    Security Code
    Please separate the two codes with a hyphen.
    Please enter the code in the same format as this example MW2-021114-1FB4A35641

    Experience Days & ExElement
    Please remember to activate your voucher before booking this will give you an EX booking number which we will need.
    Example EX 33198-131206

    Virgin Experiences (Acorne)
    We need the following information:
    Serial Number
    Product Code
    Pin Number

    Do I need to bring my voucher with me on the day?
    Yes you will need to bring your voucher with you on the day. Failure to produce a valid voucher on the day of your experience means that full payment will be required to cover the cost of the experience before you will be allowed to proceed with registration. This payment will be refunded on receipt of a valid voucher in the post alongside a completed deposit refund form within 28 days of your experience date.

    I've lost my voucher and I'm booked in, can I still participate?
    No - you will need to contact the company who issued your voucher for a replacement or get them to contact us in writing to state that you can go ahead with your experience.
    Reason - we need your voucher to receive payment from the voucher company you bought it from.

    My voucher has expired can I still book in?
    If the voucher has been purchased directly from Shredder Experiences, we are only able to extend vouchers while they are still in date so a new voucher would need to be purchased if the expiry date has passed.
    However, if your voucher is from an alternative provider, you will need to contact them directly to enquire about their policy on extending expired vouchers.

    My gift voucher has almost expired - can I extend my gift voucher?
    We are willing to extend customers' gift voucher's for a maximum of 6 months.
    In order to extend your gift voucher please contact our Customer Care Team on 01709 538 509. Vouchers will be extended for 6 months from the original expiry date for a charge of £10 per person and we are only able to extend your voucher once. Please note there are some vouchers that we are unable to extend.

    Surcharges - Why am I being asked to pay a surcharge?

    Different vouchers entitle customers to different experiences, dates and venues. For example some vouchers are only valid mid week and to book onto a weekend event which are priced differently customers will be required to pay a surcharge.

    Health / Age Restrictions

    How old do you have to be to do a Shredder Experience?
    The minimum age is 16 years old and you will need to bring photo identification in order to ride on the day.

    Is there an upper age limit?
    No, however all participants must be fit and healthy, if a participant has any concerns they must contact their GP.

    I have an injury or illness can I still participate?
    If you are not in good health you should NOT participate.
    We are not medically trained professionals and therefore cannot comment on individual cases and so strongly recommend you consult your doctor if you have any concerns about your health.

    Are there any other Health Restrictions?
    Yes participants should not:
    be pregnant
    be under the influence of alcohol or drugs
    have a disability such as epilepsy or heart disease

    The day of your experience

    If when I try the Shredder I cannot operate it or do not like it do I get a refund?
    No - unfortunately, all our events are pre-booked and therefore places are limited, if you fail to participate we could have filled that space with another participant. In addition by the time you get to ride the Shredder you have already gone through quite a labour intensive and costly process.

    What should I wear when I do my experience?
    Clothing - Please dress according to the weather. Dress in comfortable, casual clothes. Skirts are not recommended! Water proofs are recommended in rainy conditions, it is also highly likely your clothes will get dirty during the experience.
    Footwear - you must wear sensible closed toe footwear such as trainers, boots and securely fastened shoes. Loose or open footwear such as flip flops and heeled shoes will not be acceptable.

    Can I bring spectators?
    You are welcome to bring as many spectators as you like to our events. All our events are free of charge to spectators, especially our regular venues. On the rare occasion that there is a charge it will be mentioned in the event information on our bookings page and is likely to be at one off event festival or show.

    What if my Shredder breaks down during the event?
    Depending on the fault we will either, fix the Shredder, offer you the instructors Shredder as a replacement, or rebook you and or your group onto the next available date.

    What weather conditions could affect my experience?
    Extreme weather conditions such as flooding, and extremely high winds are the main concern. Although events can be cancelled during the event day please log onto www. or call the office before you travel for up to date information. Cancelling an event can be a huge inconvenience for both participants and us here at the Shredder Experiences, and whilst this is an extremely rare occurrence we would appreciate your understanding with this.

    How long will it take for me to complete my experience?
    60 minutes. However you should allow a maximum of 2 hours complete your experience in the unlikely event that there are delays.

    I haven't received any information regarding my experience?
    You should have received a booking confirmation either in the post or via email within 2 days of submitting your booking. Please check your junk mail and SPAM folders in case they have been directed there. Attached to you booking confirmation email you will find information about your experience including the time you are required to arrive.

    Can I purchase photos of my Shredder Experience?
    Yes you can!
    This can be purchased online during the booking process, over the phone with our Customer Care Team or on the day of your experience.

    Safety Information

    Are you Insured?
    Yes, we are fully insured and our insurance document is always available to see at our events. If you have any specific questions please contact us.

    What qualifications do your crew have?
    All our instructors and senior site staff have received rigorous training. All crew training and work experience is logged.

    Do you use any safety equipment?
    Yes - this is an essential part of the experience, we use body armour for the knees and elbows, as well as providing helmets for each participant. Closed footwear is recommended for safety.

    How do I know its safe?
    As with any activity, there are risks involved in participating but we try to minimise these as much as possible with the use of safety equipment and thorough safety briefings. Please read a lot of the FAQ's in this section as well our information on the safety page it will help you to understand how we operate and to help to inform you of the risks involved.
    On the day of the experience you will go through a process where you will be required to complete, registration process, safety briefing and certain amount of preparation, it is essential that the participant attends registration otherwise they will not be able to participate.

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